Obama reading Psalm 46
video 1min27sec onwards
["...Be Still, and know that I am God..."]
during 11th Sep 2011 Anniversary...

Revealing himself that he is
the Man of SIN?

"But these are written,
that ye
might believe
thatJesus is the Christ
, the Son of God;
and that believing ye
(you) might
have life through His name."
John 20:31

"...Believe on the Lord Jesus,
and thou
shalt be saved,
and thy
(your) house
Acts 16:31

Simple Salvation Prayer

"Lord Jesus Christ, I am a sinner.

Thank you for dying for all my sins.

Pls save me and my family, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen"


"但记这些 事要叫你们信

耶稣 是基督, 是上帝的儿子

并且叫你们信了他 [ 耶稣 ]

就可以因他 [ 耶稣 ] 的名 得生命 ."


"当信主 耶稣



from 20 Jan 2009 Barack Hussien Obama sworn in
as 44th US President 
till 20 Jul 2012

is 42 months...

using 365.25 day per year calendar
and not 360 day per year...

then Sudden Destruction...

then continue another 42 months AR[after rapture]
with different months?

Revelation 13:5
"And there was given unto him[AntiChrist] a mouth speaking great things
and blasphemies;
and power was given unto him[AntiChrist] 
to continue forty and two months."

Revelation 17:10
"And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is,
and the other is not yet come;
and when he[AntiChrist]  cometh,
he[AntiChrist]  must continue a short space."

Revelation 11:2
"But the court which is without the temple leave out,
and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles:
and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months."


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(special thanks to Bro Joseph Chua

who distributed thousands of tracts:) 

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06.02 | 18:29

wonderful message.
blessed !encouraged!!edified!!! and educated

24.09 | 23:59

⚠️ God has said in the Quran:

🔵 { O mankind, worship your Lord, who created you and those before you, that you may become righteous - ( 2:21 )

19.05 | 00:23

Isaiah 60:22
A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in his time.

18.03 | 09:33

God blessing this website with 1000x rewards.

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